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Graduation Sash and Stoles

Are you looking for a way to make your graduation day cap and gown more meaningful and personal? Whether you yourself are taking this important step in life, or you have a loved one graduating, contact Create a Stole. We'll give you the perfect way to commemorate the event.

Here’s The Deal

We think you'll agree that:
Choosing a company to design your stoles can be challenging.
At Create a Stole, we help you celebrate the occasion by creating one of a kind stoles that you design online. Using our online designer create the perfect graduation stoles in just a few easy steps and see your creation before you order.
From greek graduation sashes to honor stoles, we allow you to choose from a variety of lengths, colors, and lettering.
Once you’ve finished, we’ll create it and send it along with free shipping.

Many will graduate with you, but not everyone had the exact same experience you did. can help you show your specific and unique achievements—whether it be membership in a club or any other distinction.

It Gets Better

Easy Online Ordering and Save Up To 25% On Group Orders

Create a Stole uses 100% satin to craft each customized your designs. We embroider exactly what you want so there’s no doubt about what you’ve accomplished.
All it takes is a few simple clicks of your mouse to complete your design, see how much it will cost, then order your online.

We also offer group orders to help you save when you order 10 or more stoles for your special day.

Click Here to design and order online, or call with any questions at 1.888.316.2128.

Your 2017 cap and gown desrves a graduation stole that is 100%
embroidered and made from our luxury satin fabric.
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